Solid hardwood flooring is a popular choice among homeowners near Cohasset, MA thanks to its durability and diversity of colors and styles. Wood varieties include fir, oak, pine, birch, beech, cherry, and even bamboo. Solid hardwood flooring provides that traditional look that is so popular in New England. 

Most solid hardwood flooring comes in one of three styles: strip, plank and parquet. Strip hardwood floors range from 1 ½- to 2 ¼-inches wide. Plank floors are wider, while parquet floors are made of individual wood squares arranged in a pattern.  Plank flooring is becoming increasingly popular, in both modern and traditional settings.

Years ago, solid hardwood flooring was used for structural purposes. Today, it is a mainly aesthetic choice. When choosing a color and style, keep in mind the installation options for solid hardwood flooring: tongue-and-groove, click systems and floor connection systems. Also remember that hardwood should never be installed over concrete or below ground.

If you install unfinished solid hardwood flooring, you may want to choose a finish after installation – often referred to as site-finished hardwood flooring. The professionals at Floor Coverings International in Cohasset, MA can help. This will protect your hardwood floor and give it added color and shine. Surface finishes come in water-based urethane, oil-based urethane, moisture-cured urethane and conversion varnish.

You can also choose a penetrating finish that soaks into the wood, though this requires periodic waxing and may reduce the number of cleaners you can use on your floor. Surface-finished floors can usually be cleaned with a broom or damp mop; check manufacturer recommendations for a complete list of safe cleaning products. Call Floor Coverings International in Cohasset, MA for solid hardwood flooring today.