Let Floor Coverings International be your solution for refinishing hardwood floors in the greater Pembroke, Hingham, and South Shore areas. Maintaining hardwood floors is an ongoing struggle; it’s hard to know when and how to refinish them for a fresh appearance. Most importantly, refinishing hardwood floors is a very difficult project to do by yourself.

That’s where we come in. FCI Pembroke is prepared to perform full, professional hardwood refinishes to our customers in the area. We have the tools, the expertise, and the efficiency you need to refinish your hardwood floors. Call the experts at Floor Coverings International so that you can have your hardwood floors refinished without all the stress and hard work!



When Should You Refinish Hardwood Floors?

There are a few times when it’s common to want to refinish your hardwood floors. One of these times is when they become dull or lose the luster of their original finish. In this case, refinishing your hardwood floors will restore their shine and sometimes even make it seem like you have a whole new floor!

Another good time to refinish hardwood floors is if you have a lot of scratches or scuffs that build up over time. No matter how well we treat our floors, foot traffic and day-to-day life can get in the way. Your hardwood floors can lose their appeal if they are covered in scratches, so to rejuvenate their appearance you can refinish the hardwood.

We are available for both large and small hardwood refinishing projects in the area. Give us a call at FCI Pembroke today to start the process of refreshing the look of your hardwood flooring.










A Note From Our Owner

“Are your hardwood floors in need of a facelift? At FCI Pembroke we can refinish your hardwood floors and save you the hassle!” – Karen Tracey, Owner