When you are looking for hardwood flooring in Pembroke, solid wood floors will likely be an option you see in most flooring stores. There are several hardwood flooring options for your home in Pembroke. A solid wood floor is one option, along with engineered hardwood flooring and laminate hardwood flooring. While all these options have their pros and cons, for a home in Pembroke, solid hardwood floors is what will really stand out.

Solid wood floors are hardwood floors made of oak, pine, maple, or any other type of wood. The key difference between solid hardwood and engineered or laminate hardwood is that solid wood floors are made of 100% solid wood all the way through. Engineered hardwood floors are a combination of hardwood and plywood and laminate hardwood floors are a man-made material printed to look like real wood. For homes in Pembroke, solid wood floors are the ideal choice for homeowners looking for a quality, long-lasting, attractive floor.

In Pembroke, a solid wood floor will take some work to keep in top condition, but not an extreme amount of work by any means. Moisture and gritty dirt can both cause harm to the floor. But with regular sweeping and vacuuming in Pembroke, solid hardwood floors will retain their beauty for years.

By consulting a flooring expert, you can ensure that the flooring you choose is right for home and environment in Pembroke. A solid wood floor is very versatile but can warp and buckle if exposed to too much moisture or constantly has water spilled on it. For this reason, in Pembroke solid wood floors are not recommended for bathrooms or basements. But not to worry, we have other excellent flooring options for those rooms too.
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