Across the country and in Pembroke, slate flooring is often used for rooms, stairs, walkways, and wall claddings both interior and exterior. Slate flooring is incredibly durable and is most effective in areas that receive high traffic and lots of moisture. These two factors make slate floor a popular choice in Pembroke.

Slate floor comes in a variety of grades. To be precise, the highest quality slate is found deep underground and must be mined. Lower quality slate – which is more affordable – is located on earth’s surface. Because it’s been exposed on the earth’s surface, surface slate is more porous and flawed but can still be a great fit for certain settings.

In Pembroke, slate flooring is most often slip and stain resistant. As a result, slate is used often in kitchens and bathrooms. With frequent spills and messes in kitchens and bathrooms, slate flooring is often a good fit. Furthermore, slate flooring is fire-resistant which could be a big advantage depending on your setting in Pembroke. Slate floor requires minimal maintenance; light sweeping and mopping can go a long way with slate in Pembroke.

Slate flooring comes in a variety of colors but not in as wide of a variety as other types of flooring. Slate’s colors come from the minerals present where the slate was mined. Still, slate floor colors are bold and could be just right for you.

Slate flooring can be difficult to install but the experts at Floor Coverings International have excellent experience with slate floor and will make sure your installation is of the highest quality.

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