Floor Coverings International is proud to offer a line of distinct and natural sisal carpet for Pembroke. One of the most organic floor coverings available across the country and in Pembroke, sisal carpet is manufactured using a natural fiber from the agave cactus plant. If you are looking for a beautiful and sustainable option for your home or office, definitely consider sisal carpet. During the production process, the leaves of the agave plant are dried, spliced, and woven together to form a robust material that is ideal for flooring. Because the material originates from such a natural process, the final product is one which brings character and warmth to any application.

It is recommended that natural sisal carpet is only used indoors as the fibers retain moisture which can lead to mold and mildew if used outdoors. In addition to pure sisal carpet, we also offer variants that include wool blends and even synthetic products that can be used outside. These synthetic products are ideal for outdoor applications while retaining the natural appearance and texture of true sisal carpet.

Available in an extensive selection of tones and weave patterns, Floor Coverings International is your source for sisal carpet near Pembroke. Unlike other carpet materials, sisal is fire-retardant, sound absorbing, and anti-static. These advantages make it an obvious choice when selecting carpet in Pembroke. In addition, each weave that we offer is available in a variety of different colors to ensure the sisal carpet that you select complements your application.

If natural sisal carpet in Pembroke is selected, buyers should understand that more caution and attention should be given toward protecting the carpet from stains and dirt. Because the material is so retentive, it is important that care instructions be followed to ensure the sisal material does not prematurely wear out.

Contact Floor Coverings International serving Pembroke for a free in-home consultation to see how our carpet flooring experts can turn your dream project into a reality. Whether you are interested in residential or office flooring, our design associates will assist you through the selection and installation process to ensure your new floor meets the highest standards.