You have had your heart set on hardwood for your new home renovation, but the expensive price and the strenuous upkeep has kept you from making that commitment. For those in Pembroke wanting a flooring that has the classic wood grain look but features the durability of ceramic and porcelain, the experts of Floor Coverings International Pembroke believe our wood-look tile selection is exactly what you need. This alternative allows you to enjoy the beauty of a hardwood floor, while relishing in its lower maintenance and higher durability.

wood-look tile in pembroke


Wood-look tile is not a new flooring on the market, and this has actually been available to us for many years. However, recent manufacturing and printing improvements have birthed new, innovative appearances for this choice. This ceramic wood features realistic, high quality tiles that mirror the beauty of a naturally hardwood floor. They range in texture and tone, which means that there is a wood-look tile to compliment most styles in any of the Pembroke, Hingham, Plymouth and Hanover spaces.

Design Uses

These tiles are manufactured in a wide range of lengths and widths that feature rich colors. In comparison to hardwood selections, wood-look tile has a greater variety of colors and finishes. It can be used in places that natural hardwood would have been damaged, and can gracefully move throughout the entirety of a house. The size, shape, color, or texture you desire is obtainable at a price that will be valuable to you presently and futuristically. While this flooring’s longevity is unmatched, if there is a need to replace a damaged piece, maintenance is considerably easier and cheaper to fix.

Durabilitywood-look tile in pembroke

Wood-look tile is a flooring type that easily repels scratches and scrapes, due to its ceramic/porcelain build, versus a softer wood flooring that is easily bothered by our modern day abuses. Tile is not altered by moisture like natural hardwood, and can be used with floor based heating, meaning no warping, expanding, or staining. It is appropriate in any area of your Pembroke home, including bathrooms and kitchens. Tile flooring is guaranteed to last longer and requires far less maintenance than typical hardwood flooring.

Start Today!

The friendly flooring professionals at Floor Coverings International Pembroke are ready to help you find the wood-like tile that is best for you! If you live in the greater Pembroke, Hingham, Plymouth and Hanover area and would like a complimentary consultation, give us a call today! We offer a variety of flooring options at reasonable prices.

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