At once durable and elegant, travertine is a fantastic tile choice for your Pembroke home. Since travertine was used as a building material for famous monuments like the Roman Colosseum, you can be assured that it will last a lifetime. Our experts here at Floor Coverings International Pembroke have all the facts you need to know about travertine tiles here.


Travertine tiles are a natural limestone formed over time from mineral deposits in natural hot springs. These minerals are the remnants of ancient fossils and shells that gradually create this sedimentary stone. Travertine is primarily sourced from quarries in Italy and Turkey.


Style & Usestravertine tile in Pembroke

Travertine’s coloration is usually ivory based with undertones of bronze and caramel. A distinguishing quality of travertine is the porous nature of the stone. Higher quality travertine will have smaller holes, while mid-to-low range travertine will have larger pores. These can be filled or left as is.

Travertine is a perfect flooring choice for high traffic areas of the home like the entryway and kitchen. Its resistance to temperature fluctuations makes it fantastic in outdoor uses like patios and walkways. Outside of flooring, travertine is popular for shower walls, kitchen backsplashes, and countertops.


Travertine Tile in Pembroke


There are several key varieties travertine tile, each of which are suitable in different applications:


Polished travertine is a glossy and reflective form of travertine. The pores of each tile have been filled, making for a sealed, smooth surface. We particularly love these tiles as backsplashes and countertops, as they are incredibly stain-resistant. However, they are very slick when wet, so they aren’t the best choice for flooring.


Honed travertine tiles are also filled, but are not as shiny as polished tiles are. These are the most popular travertine tiles for flooring and interiors, because they have the perfect balance of polish and rustic appeal.


Tumbled travertine tiles have more rounded edges and subdued colors. These tiles are tumbled in rock machine that lightly buffs off the rough corners. This process simultaneously ages the look and feel of the tile, providing excellent traction. We love tumbled travertine in outdoor uses for patios and walkways.


Brushed travertine is the lightest and most subtly colored variety of travertine. The corners can be rounded from tumbling or left alone for a slightly sharper edge. The surface is flat and matted with wire brushes.


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