slate tile in pembrokeIf you are on the market for a raw, beautiful flooring derived directly from the earth, the friendly professionals of Floor Coverings International Pembroke would like to make a suggestion: Slate Tile. It is one of the many natural stone flooring alternatives on the market, however, sets itself apart with its various styles, each having their own authentic build and extraordinary characteristics. If an elegant, unique tile meets the needs of your Pembroke home, then slate is the right selection for you.

About Slate Tile

Slate stone is a finely grained metamorphic rock that is taken from the sides of mountains in Europe, Asia, and the America’s. Each region produces different chemical constituents that determine the particular formation and feature of each slate. This tile gets its name from its formation in plains, sheets resting on top of one another, creating a formidable bond once compressed under great pressure. While exotic slate tile is more expensive to the consumer due to transportation fees, this gorgeous material is also domestic to us, therefore, easy to obtain and at an affordable price.

Best Areas & Design

This tile has the ability to speak sophistication in a subtle way through its naturally elegant appearance. The beauty of slate is that each tile has a variation of hues and tones and to a different degree. Many slates will have a range of colors on the surface, creating a canvas for the buyer to paint a flooring with either complimentary or contrasting hues. Depending on your personal taste and the type of slate, your tile can be as eye catching or as muted as you please.


For those in the Pembroke, Hingham, Plymouth and Hanover desiring a flooring that entails easy care, slate tile is the ideal selection for you. While this choice does require regular low maintenance cleaning, this results in a tile with a fruitful, long life. You can ensure the tiles remain in tact, avoiding any minuscule weathering marks that may appear over time, with simple cleaning rituals. To further prevent blemishes from occurring, periodically apply a stone-sealing agent to your slate tile floor.

Start Today!

Have you decided that slate tile is the perfect floor for you? Do not hesitate to contact the friendly professionals at Floor Coverings International Pembroke for a complimentary consultation today! For additional questions and considerations, give us a call so that we may help you on your search for the flooring of your dreams. We are proud to serve the community of Pembroke, Hingham, Plymouth and Hanover.

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Photo credits: John Wollwerth