Backsplashes offer both style and durability to kitchens and bathrooms. Here at Floor Coverings International Pembroke, we have lots of experience helping our customers choose the right backsplash for their home or business.


Tile kitchen backsplash


What is a Backsplash?


A backsplash is a portion of wall behind a sink or stove that’s covered in tile or another water-resistant material. They are found most often in kitchens and bathrooms. Sometimes they even extend the length of an entire counter or along a wall. There are a lot of design options available, so you can find the right style for your space.




Protection: The key benefit of a backsplash is that it protects your wall. The part of the wall behind a sink or stove is vulnerable to damage from water and oil splashes. A normal wall can become stained or damaged over time when exposed to large amounts of moisture. Backsplashes are made from materials that won’t be affected by this contact with moisture.

Style: Most backsplashes are made from tile. This offers a huge range of design possibilities. You can choose a beautiful granite backsplash to add classic elegance to your kitchen, or a colorful mosaic that makes your bathroom’s décor really pop.

Value: If you choose a quality material like tile, your backsplash will add significant value to your home. A unique backsplash can be a great selling point for potential homebuyers.




As we mentioned, the most popular backsplash materials are types of tile. We often recommend ceramic tile or travertine for the kitchen. Glass is often popular for the bathroom because its iridescence is very beautiful. If you want something more affordable, there are self-adhesive copper styles and vinyl options you can consider. Keep in mind that these won’t add the same value to your home, or offer the same durability.


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