When considering a hardwood to use in your Pembroke home, domestically grown American Walnut is an excellent choice for a classic look.

walnut hardwood in pembroke

From flooring and mantles, dining tables and ornate furniture, domestic Walnut is a great option for your home in Pembroke. Walnut is noted for its rich dark color, which may be highlighted by lighter tones in wider planks. Domestic Walnut looks best when finished with oil and natural finishes. It is also an exceptionally durable wood, with a Janka hardness score of 1,100. This harness makes Walnut a great option for applications where carved designs or strong joints are necessary.

Why choose domestic walnut?

When considering Walnut hardwood for your home, domestically grown Walnut is the best option for your wallet and the environment. Expensive imported Walnut from Brazil and Southeast Asia simply cannot compete in terms of cost, sustainability, and overall value. Domestic Walnut is harvested sustainably, while much of the imported Walnut on the market is the product of rainforest clear-cutting. Why spend more money and support logging practices that are damaging to fragile ecosystems? With domestic Walnut hardwood, you get to support US loggers and encourage healthy local harvesting practices, while avoiding the large cost of importing foreign hardwood.

How do I clean and maintain domestic walnut?

Like any other hardwood flooring or furniture, Domestic Walnut requires care and attention to cleaning and care practices. Because of Walnut’s hardness characteristics, it finishes smooth — so it is very easy to sweep clean for daily care. However, it is important to protect high-traffic areas with rugs or mats. For walnut furniture, take care to dust regularly and use natural cleaners to avoid damaging the grain.

walnut hardwood in pembrokeTypically for dusting, use microfiber cloths to avoid repetitive scratching with rough cleaning cloths. It is very important to remove moisture from Walnut as soon as possible — since the color may show water spots or rings. To protect Walnut, use either natural waxes or silicone based protectants. It is important not to combine the silicone and wax — as the wax will build up if unable to adhere to the wood. With quality care and cleaning, your American Walnut furniture or flooring will last for many years to come, and it will maintain it’s deep rich color that Walnut is famous for.

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