It’s a sturdy hardwood used to make items including tool handles and baseball bats; the dense yet pliable attributes of ash make it a great choice for flooring here in the South Shore Area. To help you decide, the professionals at Floor Coverings International Pembroke have all the facts on ash hardwood for you.


ash hardwood trees in Pembroke

About Ash

Ash trees come from the same species of tree that includes olives and lilacs. With a Janka hardness ranking of 1,320, ash ranks above popular options like red oak and walnut but just below maple and white oak. The great mixture of comfort and toughness makes it an ideal choice for homes here in Pembroke.



Consistent swirled knots and thick grain lines are among key characteristics that make ash a distinctive hardwood option. It tends to be light in coloration, ranging from sandy tan to golden honey. The combined density and color of ash allows it to easily absorb wood stains, making it customizable for any décor. We particularly love ash hardwood in dining rooms, living rooms, and stairwells.



Ash is available in two varieties on the commercial market: solid and engineered. Here in Pembroke, we particularly like engineered ash hardwood for its consistent grain pattern and more subtle knots. Engineered hardwoods also boast greater water resistance and overall durability than solid varieties.


ash hardwood in PembrokeImportant Aspects

Even though it’s a domestic product, ash hardwood can run on the expensive side. The higher price can be partly attributed to the current infestation of the Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive bug that’s currently wreaking havoc on ash trees across North America. This issue has mas made ash hardwood harder to come by at times. If we don’t have ash, hardwoods like white oak, maple, and walnut are great alternatives.

As with all hardwood floors, it’s important to have a consistent maintenance routine to keep it clean. Dirt and dust can cause micro-scratches to your floors that can build up over time and ruin the overall appearance of your floor. Regularly sweeping and lightly vacuuming your ash hardwood floor will keep it looking nice for years to come.


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