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Floor Coverings International Pembroke is the local expert for all of your carpeting needs, including carpeting for staircases. There is carpet to fit the decor and style of any home, making it a versatile and popular choice.

Benefits of Carpet for Stairs

Fully carpeted stairs and stair carpet runners add extra traction and beauty to any staircase. Most stair carpet runners come in either 27” or 32” lengths and are made from carpet materials such as wool or synthetic pile fibers. Each material has a different appearance, texture, and price point.

In addition to providing extra traction, stair runner carpet also comes in a variety of designs that most carpet doesn’t have. They even absorb the sound of foot traffic, making them an excellent choice for stairs that overhang bedrooms and other areas where noise is unwanted.

Types of Carpeting for Stairs

Carpet runners are a popular choice when deciding to add carpet to stairs. They look luxurious and are available in multiple color and design options. Carpet runners are kind of like the red carpet – a narrow carpet that goes down the entire length of your stairs without breaking. They usually do not cover the entire width of steps.

Installation for stair runners is relatively simple. They are installed over a dense pad with small staples that are hidden in the material. This can take anywhere from two to six hours, depending on whether you have a single straight staircase or something more complex.

Carpet stair treads are a bit different. They also have various color and design options, but they have a break in the carpet so that the only area carpeted is where you step. They can be narrow, like stair runners, but can also span the entire step. Fully carpeting steps requires the most time and effort and has less color and design options. However, it looks just like the carpet in any other room would and is a great option for homes with small children, to make the stairs less dangerous.

Are you ready to make the stairs in your home safer, less noisy and more stylish? Start today with a free in-home estimate and design consultation from Floor Coverings International in Pembroke.


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