About Plush Carpet

Plush carpet looks and feels like its name suggests — comfortable and soft.  The key to plush carpeting’s super soft feel and smooth texture is that the carpeting filaments are cut uniformly. While numerous other carpets are looped at the ends, plush carpet has those circles cut off. This creates a softer foot-feel when you walk around. Plush carpet is also normally thick, which in addition to the quality of the yarn wind, decide the quality of a carpet. Plush carpeting might be produced using modern day polymer threads — or with fleece, velvet, or nylon.

Plush Carpet in the Homeplush carpet in pembroke

Plush Carpet is magnificent in regions of the home where comfort is essential. Plush carpet is typically used as a part of rooms, parlors, and dining areas. Children love to crawl and roll around on plush carpeting, and many parents and grandparents use stain-resistant varieties in playrooms and family rooms. As a result of its cut loop design, plush carpet is particularly tough in pet-loving homes. Cat and dog claws can catch on the loops of conventional carpeting — yet plush carpeting holds up to this wear.

Planning with Plush Carpet

Plush carpeting is a flexible ground cover and it can be utilized to give the depth and personality to a room. Pembroke homeowners will surely find that plush carpet gives a home that lived-in feel. Keep in mind, this isn’t the plush carpet of your grandparents — it’s strong, it’s soft, and it is anything but difficult to keep looking nice. And it comes in a whole range of colors not thought of for interior use in the 80’s. Why not make your home a haven for sore feet?

Maintenanceplush carpet in pembroke

Scarcely any carpeting assortments are less demanding to keep up than plush carpet. It only needs general vacuuming, although a few vacuum brands and models may experience issues with the high pile. Some plush carpeting styles may be waterproof or stain resistant. Plush carpet might be vulnerable to more noteworthy wear in high traffic areas of the home. So if you install plush carpeting in entryways, consider extending your carpet’s life with a physical protector. With basic care, plush carpet will work extremely well in your Pembroke home.

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