Berber carpets are a popular flooring choice for homes and businesses thanks to their durability and simple design. Here at Floor Coverings International Pembroke, we often recommend Berber to our customers, and though they may have heard the name, people don’t often know much about this quality carpeting. Find out today why this unique flooring could be perfect for your space in the Pembroke, Hingham, Plymouth and Hanover area.


Berber carpet


The History of Berber


People often think that Berber refers to a certain brand of carpet. In reality, it describes a unique carpet weave that was created centuries ago by the Berber people of North Africa. This weave involved affixing both ends of each wool fiber or camel hair to a secure backing, creating a loop. This textile was used by the Berber people to make carpets, rugs, and even cloaks.


The Benefits of Berber


Durability – The looped construction of Berber carpet helps to resist fraying and crushing over time. This makes Berber a great choice for high traffic areas in your home.


Traction – Berber carpets offer much more traction than most carpet flooring options. For this reason, people often choose Berber for their staircases. The softness of Berber also makes it a safe stair flooring choice in homes with small children or the elderly, who are prone to slips and falls.


Moisture Resistance – This is another benefit of Berber’s looped fiber design. The tight loops of Berber help to make the carpet more water and stain resistant. If something spills on your carpet, it won’t sink as deeply into the fibers as it would in a plush carpet. This makes it easier to spot clean without leaving a stain behind.


Things to Consider


Keep in mind that the benefits range depending on the material you choose for your Berber carpet. The most resilient options are wool and nylon. Olefin and polyester are slightly more affordable, but can be less durable over time.


One of the main drawbacks of Berber carpet is its tendency to snag. This shouldn’t be a problem in most homes, but if you have pets with long claws, Berber might not be the right choice for your home.


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