vinyl-tile.jpgHome improvement projects can get expensive. You want to make sure the job is done right by professionals and you love your new flooring for many years.  For bathrooms, entryways, mudrooms, and kitchens, there is a new kind of flooring on the market today that is getting installed left and right!  Alterna luxury vinyl flooring looks beautiful and many homeowners can’t tell if it’s real stone or vinyl flooring!

Luxury vinyl tiles can be installed with grout so that the tiles look authentic just like real stone flooring. Vinyl tiles comes in a vide variety of styles and textures.  You can get slate, marble, travertine, or granite flooring tiles just to name a few.

Luxury vinyl plank also comes in many hardwood flooring patterns.  Whether you want mahogany, cherry, ash, oak, or maple hardwood flooring, luxury vinyl plank can provide the look.  This is particularly popular for larger rooms like kitchens when you want minimize the materials costs for your new floors. Vinyl.JPG

Many homeowners are turning to luxury vinyl flooring in their homes for many reasons.  This flooring looks like the real thing, it lasts for years and won’t crack or show wear patterns.  It’s also a warm flooring option, so there’s no freezing tile in the winter for your bare feet!

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