If you’re thinking about getting new floors and want something durable but affordable, you’ve probably thought about both laminate and luxury vinyl tile. At Floor Coverings International of Pembroke, we know that it can be confusing to understand the differences between these more modern flooring options. We want to help make the decisions easier by breaking down some of the similarities and differences between laminate and luxury vinyl tile. That way, when you settle on one option for your Pembroke and South Shore area home, you’ll know you’ve chosen the right flooring!

Laminate & Luxury Vinyl Tile Similaritieslaminate_shutterstock_265979090_welzevoul

  • Cost. Both are affordable compared to natural flooring options like hardwood and stone tile.
  • Installation. Installation for both is relatively fast and simple. Laminate can even be installed on top of existing flooring in some cases.
  • Repair. You can repair either type of flooring fairly easily be replacing a section of it.
  • Imitation. 3D printing methods have made it possible for both laminate and LVT to realistically imitate the look of natural flooring like hardwoods and stone tiles.
  • Protection. Both have protective top layers that help resist against scratches and other damage.


Laminate & Luxury Vinyl Tile Differences

  • Reaction to moisture. LVT is known for being very water resistant, while laminate’s high-density fiberboard inner layer is much more susceptible to damage from prolonged contact with moisture.
  • Construction. Laminate is made primarily from high-density fiberboard and other types of wood, while LVT is made from PVC vinyl and other similar materials.
  • Lifetime. Most warranties for laminate floor are around 10 years, while LVT often comes with a 20-year warranty.
  • Looks. Though both laminate and LVT can imitate other types of flooring, laminate primarily imitates hardwood, while LVT can take on the look and shape of a wide range of stone flooring as well.
  • Texture. LVT is a relatively soft flooring option. This makes it more comfortable than laminate when you’re standing for long periods, but it also means it’s more susceptible to dents and gouges if something heavy falls on the floor.


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Photo Credit: welzevoul