Here at Floor Coverings International Pembroke, we know that hardwood floors are a major investment for homeowners. We also know that the #1 way to protect this investment is regular maintenance. That’s why we put together this guide to hardwood care for homeowners here in Pembroke.


First Priorities:

  • Little accidents are unavoidable, especially for busy families. If you spill any liquid—especially acidic ones like coffee, wine, or juice—make sure to wipe up the mess immediately.
  • Pay attention to your pets and make sure their nails are trimmed. As much as we love our furry friends, their nails can wreak havoc on hardwood floors by leaving scratches and scuffmarks across the surface.
  • Whether it’s tennis shoes or high heels, keep them off your hardwood floor! Shoes can dent and mark up your floor, not to mention track in unwanted mud.


cleaning hardwood floors in PembrokeDaily

It’s important to establish a fast and easy daily hardwood care routine. We recommend that you quickly sweep your floor with a microfiber sweeper or broom. This step eliminates the bits of dust and residue that build up during the day, which in turn helps prevent scratches.




Weeklyhardwood flooring maintenance Pembroke

For a more thorough clean, we recommend that you vacuum your hardwood floor every week. We prefer using a vacuum brush attachment because those tend to be gentler on hardwood. If you don’t have an attachment, be sure to vacuum with the rotating bristle function turned off to prevent damage.




Once a Decadesand and refinish hardwood floors Pembroke

Rest easy: if you keep up with your daily and weekly routine, this next step will only be necessary about once a decade.

We know dents and scratches are inevitable over time—no matter how hard you may try to avoid them. That’s why we recommend Pembroke homeowners have their hardwood floors sanded and refinished. This important process buffs away surface scratches and dents, leaving your floor unblemished. With a new coat of finisher polish, your floor will look as good as the day you got it. Since this is a difficult task, we don’t recommend going about it alone. Contact the professionals at Floor Coverings International Pembroke when the time comes.


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