White Oak Flooring - ©PavelShynkarou

If it’s time for new floors in your Pembroke, Hingham, Plymouth and Hanover area home, you’re probably considering hardwood. Timeless and durable, hardwood is great option for a wide range of residential and commercial spaces. But once you’ve settled on hardwood you still have to choose a particular type and settle on a stain. One way to narrow down your choice is by thinking about color. Should you stick with a classic color, or choose a very light or white hardwood floor? What about a bold, dark or black hardwood? Our experts at Floor Coverings International Pembroke are here to help you answer these questions, and more.


Light Hardwoods


In recent years whitewashed hardwood floors have becoming increasingly popular. They evoke the feeling of an airy beach house, and make your home truly unique. Oak and maple are popular choices when people choose a light colored hardwood.


Keep in mind that achieving this look can take some work – you may need to be patient while your floors are stained and finished.


Some people say that light woods actually hide dirt and dust better than darker woods. Just like with any light floor, you’ll have to watch out for dirt and other dark spills. Be sure to take care of messes as soon as they occur.


Dark Hardwoods


Dark hardwoods are often associated with formal spaces. It has become common to see darker finishes in more casual, rustic settings as well. The great thing about wanting a dark hardwood is that you can achieve it with almost any wood species. It’s easy to darken woods with stains, so you won’t be limited like you can be with light hardwoods.


Dark hardwoods do tend to show small imperfections and dirt, so you’ll want to be diligent about keeping them clean. You can minimize this affect by choosing a low-luster or matte finish.


One important design rule to note is that it’s always a good idea to avoid dark floors and walls in small, enclosed spaces. This can make a room feel smaller and more closed off, especially if there are limited windows.


If you’re thinking about new hardwood floors for your home in the Pembroke, Hingham, Plymouth and Hanover area, give us a call today at Floor Coverings International Pembroke. We offer free consultations and no-obligation estimates!


Photo Credit: PavelShynkarou