stk314046rkn.JPGArea rugs in Pembroke MA serve as decorative centerpieces in your room’s decor. Soften up hard-surface flooring such as hardwood, laminate, or ceramic tile flooring or utilize an area rug complete your room’s decor. While hard surface flooring offers many advantages, both in durability and the looks that you can achieve. However, hard surface flooring can be a bit cold underfoot, a bit unforgiving and a bit monochromatic.

Many homeowners want a hypoallergenic flooring option like hardwood, natural stone or engineered hardwood flooring.  However, it’s nice to have some variance in the texture of your flooring and have some cozy carpet in some areas.  Area rugs are easy to get cleaned and can be easily switched out if you find you want to go into a new design direction.

Area rugs can warm up the space, both from a color standpoint, and from temperature standpoint. An area rug can add a much needed splash of color to the room, create a soft and warm feel underfoot and really complete the look of the room.  Whether you want a solid color for your area rug or you want to add an interesting pattern with the new area rug, Floor Coverings International here in Pembroke can help!

We carry all the major style including Shaw, Kathy Ireland any many more. Call today for a free estimate!

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